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NY State Appellate Division - First Department Appoints Christie Del Rey-Cone As Special Master

Posted October 3, 2019Firm News

The Firm is excited to announce that Christie Del Rey-Cone has expanded her practice and is taking on engagements as a neutral mediator.  In her employment law practice, Christie has represented clients – individuals and companies – in countless mediations over the past 15 years.  Christie has leveraged the generous help of key mentors in the mediation space and has completed dozens of hours of training as a mediator.  Given the Firm’s representation of both employers and individuals, Christie fully understands and appreciates employment disputes from both sides, which is an integral quality for a mediator.  Despite only recently expanding her practice to include mediation, the Firm is honored to announce that the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division - First Department has appointed Christie as a Special Master.  As a Special Master, Christie will perform a vital function in the negotiation and settlement of appeals on all subjects through the Court’s pre-argument program.  This is a prestigious appointment for Christie.