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Restrictive Covenant Litigation

In today’s environment, companies focus on protecting their client or business relationships, assets and intellectual property. When key employees depart for a competitor or to open a new competing business, or when businesses seek to hire key employees who have obligations to their current employers, this often leads to disputes involving restrictive covenants – usually those involving non-solicitation of customers and/or employees, non-competition, and the nondisclosure of confidential or proprietary information and trade secrets. Often, these cases grab the attention of senior executives and can quickly become “bet-the-company” litigation. We have advised many companies and individuals with respect to the obligations under such agreements, including at the time of hiring, during employment, or at the time of departure from employment. We also work with companies and executives in negotiating agreements containing restrictive covenants.

When litigation arises, we understand how to litigate these cases to a favorable resolution. Given the emergent nature of these matters, we utilize our significant trial skills to develop evidence, engage in expedited discovery, and prepare for TRO/preliminary injunction hearings.